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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

We have a variety of premium flooring options, always at a fair price!


One of the most popular choices in the concrete coatings industry is the vinyl flake floor. Our flake comes in a wide variety of colors and blends, if requested, we can create custom colored blends of flake!

Flake can be broadcasted as light, medium or full. The full flake system, as shown in this picture is the most popular choice amongst our customers.

1/4" or 1/8" Size Available

IMG_1396 (1).jpg


Quartz is a sand like material that comes in many different colors. Applications for quartz range from pools, restrooms and commercial kitchens to patios, sidewalks, and much more.

Industrial buildings will benefit from a quartz coating due to the natural slip resistance and strength of these floors.

Heavy machinery and larger vehicles are welcome on a Precision Coatings of Iowa quartz floor!

The picture to your left is a Beach colored quartz floor with a cove base, easy cleaning for this dog groomer!


Metallic flooring is popular in basements, office spaces, shop homes, and much more. Metallic epoxy flooring is a multi layered flooring that lends itself not only to the coatings industry but to artists as well. A lot can be created with a metallic floor, silver and black swirls with a high gloss finish to a white and grey marble-esque look with a satin finish.



PCI offer a durable coating that is strictly a single pigmented floor. Commonly used on projects where cleanability, durability, and simplicity are the main focus.


Polishing is a highly densified and tight surface created by utilizing a grinding process that takes regular, highly porous concrete to an 1800 grit polished floor.

Polished concrete can be stained singular or multi colored and sealed high gloss, satin or matte!


Grind and Seal/ Stain and Seal

1. Grind and Seal

2. Grind, Stain and Seal

3. Stain and Seal

These services are as described, a very economical choice of flooring. Grind and seal consists of a full grind of your concrete, creating a smooth and stain free concrete service- sealed gloss, satin or matte.

The second option, provides you with a color of your choice to the concrete. The third option is ideal for new concrete where stains and deformities to the slab are not a concern.

We use only the highest regarded floor sealants for our concrete coatings, you can trust your floor will be durable and sealed to last.

Concrete Overlayment

Precision Coatings of Iowa provides a service that can have your porch or patio looking brand new. If your side walk, garage, shop or building is showing the test of time, let  PCI handle it! We use Surecrete, Ameripolish, and Coval- the go-to brands for contractors across the nation.


Other Services

Precision Coatings of Iowa offers other services at a fair price as well!

- Glue Removal

- Floor Scrubbing 

- Joint Caulking


Let us know what our team can do for you!

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